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Terje Tomingas


I have been renting an apartment in South Yarra for the last five years. In the past, I was made to feel like the agent was only there to support the landlord’s interest and make sure they will not spend any money on things that needed fixing in the apartment. This certainly did not make me feel supported or appreciated as a good tenant that never complains and always pays her rent on time.

When Property Initiatives took over management, I received a personal phone call from Liz to introduce herself and the agency. This straight away put me at ease and was a breath of fresh air.

Whenever anything went wrong, the issues were fixed in a heartbeat and suggestions were put forward about potentially improving something that I did not consider as an issue – certainly not an attitude you get from a standard management agency or an experience I have had in the past.

I am no longer nervous what will happen when I move out and if every cent of my bond will be taken potentially through basic wear and tear. I have complete confidence that Property Initiatives will be fair and considerate.

I could not recommend Property Initiatives enough. They are certainly the best agency I have dealt with in Australia and the UK.

Romanca Jasinski


Property Initiatives’ cause and what they’re doing as a not-for-profit organisation appealed to me because as a landlord, I need to give my property over to somebody, so it may as well be for a good reason – it was a no-brainer.

Property Initiatives are obviously passionate about what they do. They’re definitely on their game – they’re very communicative and respectful. It’s a two-way thing – they try to be fair to tenants and landlords, and that’s important for an agent.

The service they have to offer and the support that they give is exactly what a landlord expects and hopes for in an agent. I haven’t experienced that at a top level like this with other agencies. They listen to the detail and what people have to say. It’s because they care – that’s the difference.

Shaun Larkin


As renters who have been renting in Melbourne for over 15 years, we have had varied experiences. The majority of agencies have been pretty impersonal, with very little interest in getting to know you and your circumstances. We constantly felt like just another cog in the rental machine.

Our experience with Property Initiatives has been very positive, right from the start – we have always had really friendly, efficient service and support from the agency. They are always very open and accommodating, and have been so quick to fix any issues. There is always a level of familiarity when communicating with the office which is great – it makes us feel like we are valued as customers and not just another faceless renter.

Knowing that our rent is contributing to a social purpose is fantastic. It’s rare to find a property agency that cares so much about their rental clients, but also for the broader community.

Katya Crema


I read an article on Domain about the agency’s association with WPI and thought what they were doing was incredible. I met Liz and it was really quickly apparent that she was really focused on customer service and was running a great business, and I had no hesitations to start working with them.

I had worked with other property managers and I found that some of them had such a huge portfolio that they didn’t really give the customer service that Property Initiatives does. Liz provides such great customer service ­– her communication skills are excellent, she’s very responsive and easy to work with.

I would recommend Property Initiatives to the point where I’m inviting Liz along to some of the events we’re hosting so I can introduce her to potential clients. What they offer is really high quality and I don’t see anyone else in the market offering their level of customer service and personalisation. Working with a team that has a greater good is a great way to be able to support a not for profit housing organisation through a for profit business – it’s really smart way for other businesses to start to think about how they can make their impact.

Kate Goodridge


A friend of mine was renting their house out through Property Initiatives, and I was interested in what they were about, so we rented our house out through them. They were great – they were responsive, they got onto things when they needed getting onto, they returned calls.

When it came to selling the house, we felt that if the profit from the home that we had could also go to something that felt like it was for social good, that seemed like a no-brainer. It was a wonderful experience – they were fantastic. I had never sold a house before, but I found them helpful in terms of working through the whole process of how you sell a house. Their communication was good, they gave us updates about what was happening and what they were doing, when the open houses were, how many people had gone through. They were so helpful and supportive and professional, and we got a really good price.

It felt good knowing that they’re an organisation that is trying to put profits back into helping people who might find it difficult to access housing.